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Tea and Crumpet Capers by D.M. Ulmer

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Missing Person by W.H. Hesse & D.M. Ulmer
   Retired Marine Corps Sgt Maj. Kincaid, turned Associate Professor of English Literature, moonlights as a writer of mystery novels.   He is approached by a woman fan who misconstrues his literary talent for bona fide detecting skills.  She retains him to locate her son with whom she has lost contact for twenty years.  Kincaid   reluctantly   accepts and finds himself in a  quagmire of  intrigue, greed, and murder.   
The drama is set in Port Angeles, near Washington State’s magnificent Olympic Mountains.

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The Roche Harbor Caper by D.M. Ulmer
   In Washington  States'  San  Juan  Islands,  during  a weekend visit  arranged  by  Michael  Kincaid  for  his  son to  become  better  acquainted with the focal  point  of  Michael’s evolving romance, things go from bad to worse.   Kincaid reopens a case  with an official  finding of accidental death many believed should have been  murder. This leads to both Kincaid and his son being caught up in a wild adventure on the high seas.


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 The Long Beach Caper by D.M. Ulmer

    Michael Kincaid, a retired Marine Corps Sgt. Major, turned English Literature Professor, and his wife Doris, become involved in a caper while on their honeymoon in Long Beach, WA.  Their first day at  Long Beach, a stranger  recognizes   Michael as the author of the Harry Steele detective novel series, introduces himself, then asks Michael to investigate a mundane problem within his family, keeping or disposing of their three generation legacy; the Heinrich Voelcker farm in Idaho.

   This request ends up being more than Michael and Doris bargained for, turning their honeymoon into a kidnapping and conspiracy investigation of a mysterious third party trying to swindle the Voelckers out of their legacy.

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