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Mrs. Dari Bradley
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The Politics of Angels, by Dari Bradley
Politics, Angels, Terrorism, Medal of Freedom, President George Bush, First Lady Laura Bush, President William Clinton, US House HR200,Cold War, US Navy, Trident, Polaris, Poseidon Missile
ISBN 1-4137-4379-X

Dari At the Florida State Capitol
1) Politics 2) Angels 3) United States history 4) Terrorism 5) The Presidential Medal of Freedom with Distinction 5) President George W. Bush 6) First Lady Laura Bush 7) President William J. Clinton  8) United States House of Representatives Resolution HR200 9)The Cold War 10)The United States Navy 11) Trident, Polaris, Poseidon, Missile  12)Khobar Towers 13) Dhahran, Saudi Arabia 14) Religion 15)United States Air Force 16) Military 17) Enlisted Military 18) Presidential History 19) Presidential Speeches, 2
Photo take by Rob McNeely, PA Dari's Attorney

An instrumental Patriot of America, the author of The Politics of Angels, understands the values of freedom, and, self-determination of those freedoms, are protected and inspired by the will of God. Born in New Mexico, raised in Colorado, Mrs. Bradley now lives in Northern Florida with her husband and two children. Dari’s faith has guided her through difficult times with the grace and panache of an Angel.


"Thank you for sending Barbara and me your inspiring book" writes President, George H. Bush, in a letter to Mrs. Bradley after reading the Politics of Angels. His son, the Florida State Governor Jeb Bush relates in his letter to Dari: "Surely it will be an interesting read."


Surely. Dr. Edward O’Donnell, Dari’s father, a Presidential Medal of Freedom with Distinction Nominee once observed of his daughter’s writing and simplistic way of communicating to the masses "Dari is a modern day Mark Twain" Her neighbors call her "Mrs. Hemmingway."


Entrusted to preserve her American heritage and her father's memory, Dari is determined to "see to it" Dr. O'Donnell is honored for his instrumental role developing the Trident Missile thereby preventing nuclear war throughout his lifetime career. Undaunted, Dari's dutiful conscience led Congress to pass HR200 in the House of Representatives, September 24, 1996, that legislation becoming a historic tuning point for Americas Military.


Time and time again she silently works with the Angels, bringing together a wide array of fellow patriotic Americans. The Angels, through Dari have created a skillfully crafted tapestry of events involving Presidents, Senators, Governors, Congressman, The US House of Representatives, Theater, and a heroic tale of her Father’s battle against Prostate Cancer.


Smart, talented, and sharp as a whip, Mrs. Bradley crusades for the everyday citizens of the United States of America. If we're at all fortunate, Dari will get right back on the computer continuing to spin the yarn, telling the Angel stories that cleverly weave all Americans together.

E.P. Bradley Jr.

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Our business was founded in 2004 when I decided to "go public" with some long-held family history, releasing the book, The Politics of Angels. Response was immediately overwhelming, and included letters from Florida State Governor, Jeb Bush, and his famous father, 41st President of the United States of America, President George H. Bush. I'm proud of the phenomenal growth of Patriot Media, Inc., our Patriotic Authors, our products, and Patriot Media Executive Board's newest member,  President and Director of Operations Lt Col. Nelson Ottenhausen, US Army (Ret) . He is a wonderful addition to our company.

We hope to continue to bring American's exciting new stories from our fine authors. As always, feel free to write me personally using our web site or send an email to:


God Bless America's Military and her Patriot's. Amen.

Dari Bradley CEO Patriot Media, Inc.