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Patriot Media celebrates the life of our
Flight of the Silver Eagle Author
CDR Joseph C. Engel, USN (Ret.) 
August 15, 1912 - July 13, 2009
An amazing Friend, Hero, Patriot and Author.
We will always Honor CDR Engel and greatly miss his presence.
Thank you Joe and Angie for all you did for America.

Flight of the Silver Eagle Joe Engel SR
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'Whenever a sailor went out with a girl,
more than two times his shipmates
labeled him “true love".'
CDR Joseph C. Engel NAP USN Ret.
Author - Flight of the Silver Eagle

Patriot Media Incorporated congratulated Joe and Angie Engel on their 72nd Anniversary, Feb 6, 2009.  The photo of the author of Flight of the Silver Eagle and his beautiful Bride was taken on their wedding day,  Pensacola FL, in 1937. 
God Bless Our American WWII Heroes!

Thank you, Joe and Angie, for all of your life long service to our country.

Flight of the Silver Eagle
by CDR Joseph C. Engel SR
USN (Ret)

A Great Gift for the
Veteran Sweetheart
in Your Family!

Patriot Media, Inc. will donate 10% of the purchase price to The Association of Naval Aviation.

Joseph C. Engel Sr. left us on July 13, 2009, at age 96 after celebrating his 72nd Anniversary of marriage to Angie in February 2009.  In our many discussions CDR Engel shared how he became a pilot after enlisting in the Navy while holding a Petty Officer’s rank, how he and his family survived the attack on Pearl Harbor on that fateful Sunday in December 1941. Expertly describing his illustrious 30 year career while serving in the Navy as an aviator during and after World War II. 

Two of the actual aircraft flown by Joe, a F8F Grumman Bearcat Fleet Photo Trainer and a BU No. 50821 Douglas Twin Engine Transport, are now on display in the Naval Avaition Museum, NAS Pensacola, FL and are included in CDR Engels Patriot Media, web site for all to enjoy. To see these unique aircraft, be sure to visit CDR Engels web page, the link is listed below.  A great walk down memory lane and great Airplanes. CDR Engel flew over two dozen types of aircraft as a NAP and later a private pilot.  To learn more about CDR Engels recount of WWII and his experience at Pearl Harbor, see the short story below entitled Survivors.

Flight of the Silver Eagle is published by Patriot Media, Inc. of Niceville, Florida and is now available for $12.95, plus shipping and handling. The book, a historical collectable, can be ordered by calling (850) 642-0944 or by going to the web site www.patriotmediainc.com.  


A Pensacola Hero and His Family Who Survived Pearl Harbor

by Nelson O. Ottenhausen


      This year, 2008, marks the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941, an attack that started World War II sixty-seven years ago.  Ninety-six-year-old Joseph C. Engel, his wife Angie of 72 years and their first child Joe Jr. survived that fateful Sunday morning and the events of his survival as he recalls them are written in his autobiography, Flight of the Silver Eagle.

He said, “After leaving church we could see the bombing and strafing of our hangers.  The Marine at the main gate shouted, ‘You’re not going to bring your family in here, can’t you see we’re under attack?’  I told Angie to go to the beach and stay there until it was over.  She took the car, went to our quarters on base to get some blankets and food before going to the beach and I headed for the hanger.  On the way down, I was intercepted by an officer and told to report to the armory.  I was provided a .30 caliber rifle, ammunition and a 1918 vintage helmet.”

Then a Chief Petty Officer, Joe Engel survived the attack, but many of his fellow sailors were either wounded or killed.  He tells how the sailors dyed their white uniforms in coffee to make them brown so as not to be conspicuous from the air and how he helped find and rescue other survivors.  

“Before going to sleep that night I said, ‘We have a lot of our Fleet and Army Air Force at Pearl and we will surely retaliate in the morning.’  Little did I know the status of these units.”

       For three weeks, Joe was on constant flight patrol and had no contact with his wife and child.  When he returned to his family, Joe immediately sent them back to the United States by air fearing a submarine attack on shipping.  For the remainder of the war, Joe and his crew flew many dangerous missions, often as a lone aircraft on photoreconnaissance in a PBY4 Liberator 98 named Butch, the nickname of his oldest son.

      Joe Engel started his military career by enlisting in the Navy in 1931 and in 1937 took his flight training as a Chief Petty Officer.  After receiving his wings, his assignments took him throughout the world and during his time while on active duty, he flew over two-dozen types of aircraft.  Two of the aircraft actually flown by Joe, a F8F-2P Grumman Bearcat Fleet Photo Trainer and a R4D-8 Douglas Twin Engine Transport, are now on display at the Naval Air Station Museum, Pensacola, Florida. 

 He is a founding member of the Silver Eagle Association an organization of Naval Aviation Pilots (NAP), enlisted men trained to fly prior to and during World War II.  A little over 5000 enlisted men were awarded the Navy pilot’s golden wings during this period and in 1947, the US Congress discontinued this flight-training program. 

Like many of the enlisted flying veterans of World War II, CPO Engel stayed on in the Navy eventually becoming a commissioned officer and served until the war ended then continued on to serve in Korea and other areas of military service.  He retired from the Navy in 1961 at the rank of Commander.  Among his awards and significant achievements while in service are three Distinguished Service Crosses and six Air Medals.

       Joe Engel and his wife Angie now live in Pensacola, Florida where they celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary on February 6, 2007.  The day of their anniversary, they received a letter personally signed by Vice President of the United Sates Dick Cheney congratulating them on 70 years of marriage and wishing them well.

 When asked how he and his wife were able to stay together for so long during the many hardship separations, he said, “Angie’s love and commitment along with our faith kept us together.  The tomato sauce, garlic, olive oil and wine is what has kept us alive.”

        In 2004, Joe and Angie survived Hurricane Ivan but lost the home they lived in for forty years and had to live with one of their four sons for a while.  Joe was able to save his flight logs, a computer, the original manuscript of his autobiography and a few other items before the storm hit.  He later wrote, “We were able to survive the Depression, Pearl Harbor, World War II and Ivan.  It’s part of our journey.”

Joe Engel and men like him who survived Pearl Harbor and then went on to fight in World War II are heroes of the first magnitude.  Thank you for your service and God bless you.



Joe Engel, Feb 07, NAS Museum Pensacola, FL
F8F Bearcat Photo trainer Joe Actually Flew

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PBY4-Joe's Plane named after his son