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A Cowboy
Goes to War

Ralph McDougal

A Cowbo Goes to War
A Cowbow Goes to War
Ralph McDougal, Maj. USAF (Ret.)

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List Price: $18.95
6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
Black & White on White paper
212 pages
Patriot Media Incorporated
ISBN-13: 978-0990572411
ISBN-10: 0990572412
BISAC: Biography & Autobiography / Military

A Cowboy Goes to War is a fascinating accounting of history spanning into three centuries as told from an often humorous perspective by 89-year-old Ralph McDougal. 
Raised on a rural ranch in Southwestern New Mexico during the 1930s, Ralph shares tales of family outlaws, Pancho Villa, growing up as a cowboy, riding trails and building dams as a teenager, and later of going off to war. 
Upon entering into World War II by enlisting in the U.S. Army Air Corps, McDougal was trained as a bombardier/navigator for the B-26 bomber, flying missions over Germany. Among the World War II planes Ralph flew are the B-26 Martin Marauder—the first B-26 Trainer which he flew in until they were removed from combat. 
After the war, Ralph served in the United States Air Force as a senior ranking Non Commissioned Officer working in aerial photography. Duties included mapping the entire Empire of Japan.

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