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Shadows of Heroes by D.M. Ulmer

Shadows of Heroes by D.M. Ulmer
Shadows of Heroes by D. M. Ulmer
$17.95 Retail Price Plus S&H

Retail Price $17.95 + S&H USD

January 1949, early in the undeclared Cold War,  the U.S. diesel-electric submarine Kokanee has illegally penetrated deep into Soviet Union  waters of the White  Sea  and is detected  by  a  pair  of   Russian  destroyers.   Depth charges fall on Kokanee and seem on the verge  of  tearing  the  besieged ship  apart.  A  vindictive Russian captain is determined  to  eradicate  the  Americans.

Two  U.S.   intelligence   agents   have   been  put  ashore,   their   mission:   determine    whether    the   Soviets  are  developing  a  nuclear powered  submarine. Commander Terry  Martin  violated Kokanee’s patrol  orders and risks everything, including his career, against the long odds  of acquiring information essential to  the  long  term  security  of  the  United States.

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Chapter 1, First Page

D.M. Ulmer
Welcome  Lovers of Submarine stories,
Undersea Action & Adventure!

In Silent Battleground by D. M. Ulmer, the Cold War did go hot when the Soviet Union attacked the US Navy coastal installations and all but destroyed the American surface fleet.  Ulmer moves the reader through tense combat events with skill and expertise using his 32 years of experience as a professional submariner to make this page-turner complete with intrigue and speculation.  Reviewers are touting this naval-action thriller about submarine warfare as the next Hunt for Red October. 

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