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Tom Gauthier
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Spotlight on the Medal of Honor

Spotlight on the Medal of Honor



 Cohosts Dr. Tom Gauthier and Dari Bradley

Military Author Radio is proud to publish and promote the Military Author Book Industry.  We’re delighted to host the finest veterans and military authors as guest on our program.  Occasionally, we’ll chat with Veterans who are not authors, but interesting conversationalist and have something historical or unique to share with our audience.

To be considered for an interview please send an inquiry using the Contact Us form found in the navigation area to the left of the Military Author Radio website.  Please have the following items available before contacting us.  We will let you know when and where to send them when we schedule the program.

Title(s) of your books and listing of purchase website URL’s and pricing information.

Author/Publisher Website URL

Author Biography 400 Words Max

Author Photo

At least five topic related photos for the websites and live program website.  These photos must be free of copyright infringement and you must have permission to use them.  All photos must be JPGs.

Book summary, max 500 words.   If applicable please provide some employment and professional background.

At least five Keywords associated with your titles

Optional PDF Preview of pages within the book(s):  These are previews for our listeners to review during the program and will be made available during the live program only and only on the Military Author Radio website.

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