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About D.M. Ulmer

Silent Battleground is a hit!
Author D.M. Ulmer Ulmer signs Silent Battleground for a fan in Redmond, WA.

REVIEW of Shadows of Heroes
Pat Householder
(USSVI National CDR) writes:

'Shadows of Heroes
is a Cold War Diesel Boat yarn set in Ivan’s back door, the Barents Sea in the winter of 1949.  Telling the tale of fictitious smoke-boat USS Kokanee, an audacious ‘spook’ mission ashore and a tenacious Russian skipper, it twists and turns, goes deep and evades against the 1949 backdrop of emerging GUPPIES and the growing Soviet submarine threat.

Shadows of Heroes is Captain Don Ulmer’s second submarine tale of the Cold War.  His first, Silent Battleground, featured a nuclear fast attack boat when the Cold War turned hot and the U.S.S.R attacked the U.S.

Both are excellent and plausible tales of submariner can do spirit under the most difficult circumstances.  Don served thirty two years in the submarine force, and skippered the USS Clamagore (SS 343) 1967-1969.

I recommend them both.'

Standing in front of USS LCI 713, Portland OR.
Ship similar to one served in by older brother Rich during WWII

Author D. M. Ulmer enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1947. In two-years, he was promoted to third class electronic technician onboard the submarine USS CLAMAGORE. Six months later, he was advised he’d be transferred to the Naval Academy Prep School.  When Ulmer asked his captain “why me?” the skipper replied facetiously, "I don't think you're smart enough to make second class and I need the bunk space!"

 Ulmer returned to CLAMAGORE in 1967 as Commanding Officer. He then became one of the few, if not only, to have served in an enlisted status and as commanding officer in the same warship.








LCDR Don Umer
First Day as Captain of the USS Clamagore

Captain Ulmer’s 32 year Navy Career included: 

1949: German submarine U-2513;  
Given to the US Navy in 1945
as partial  reparation for WWII.

Mar. – Sept. 1949: USS Clamagore (SS 343). 

1954: US Naval Academy graduate.

July 1954 – 55: USS Fremont (APA 44).
July –  55: US Navy Officers’ Submarine School.

Jan. 1956 – June 58: USS Halfbeak (SS 352). 

June 1958 – Sept 59: USS Barracuda (SSK1).

1959 – 60: Aide to Commandant 8th Naval District.

July – Oct. 1960: Polaris Weapons School, Dam Neck, VA.

Dec. 1960  – July 62: USS Patrick Henry (SSBN 599).

1963 – 65: Staff, Commander Submarine Squadron 14
Nov. 1965 – July 67: Executive Officer USS Corporal (SS 346). 

July 1967 – Mar. 69: Commanding Officer USS Clamagore (SS 343).

1969 – 72: Office of Chief of Naval Operations.

1972 –77: Naval Sea Systems Command.

1977 – 79: Trident Project Manager Staff.
April, 1979 – Retired .

LT Don Ulmer
Ministering to Crew members on the USS Patrick Henry (LT Ulmer Center)

LCDR Ulmer CO, left LCDR John R. Spear, XO, right
Aboard Clamagore, Naples, Italy, 1967

After a 32 year Career in The US Navy Submarine Service, D. M. Ulmer was  employed by the Boeing Company (1979-96).  He currently volunteers at Overlake Hospital Medical Center and the Seattle Museum of Flight.