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Submission Guidelines

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Submission Guidelines:


Patriot Media, Incorporated welcomes submissions from all writers desiring publication if the manuscript is well written and falls within our areas of interest.  Patriot Media publishes manuscripts with a military and/or patriotic theme, both fiction and non-fiction.  This isn’t to say we wouldn’t consider a well done manuscript of another genre, but we know from experience those are rare.  Please pay strict attention to our guidelines. To further assist us, please download a copy of our Author Submission Form, fill it out and return it with your submission. 


Submissions are only accepted from January through March of each year. materials submitted at any other time will not be reviewed or returned.

NOTE: Patriot Media, Inc. will only consider manuscripts in the following categories:
  • Military Unit mini-history manuscripts of 25,000 words maximum.
  • Military non-fiction and fiction manuscripts between 65,000 and 85,000 words.
  • Other book lengths may be considered on an individual basis, but only after review of the initial sample submission.

Before submitting any literary work to Patriot Media, please read the following conditions.


·        We do NOT publish manuscripts containing profanity, vulgar or controversial material. Please, no poetry, erotica, homosexual, science fiction or children stories.  

·        We do NOT accept simultaneous submissions. We have tried to be flexible on this issue, but time is too limited to spend it reading a manuscript only to be told it’s already been placed elsewhere.  

·        Be prepared to submit a plan for marketing your publication.

To further assist us, please download a copy of our Author Submission Form, fill it out and return it with a sample of your manuscript. Also, include a brief synopsis of your work.  Brief means no more than 1,000 words; less is better.
1.  Sample submissions must be from completed works.  Send the first three chapters or 30 pages of the manuscript typed in 12 point Times New Roman, doubled-spaced, single-sided.  We will not accept impact printed material, only inkjet or laser quality please.

2.      Do NOT send us originals. Patriot Media, Inc. will not accept or assume responsibility for lost or damaged submissions; therefore, only submit a copy of the work to us. 

3.      Sample submissions will NOT be returned.

Do NOT send original copies of pictures to be included in the final manuscript.

Do NOT bind the sample manuscript chapters.

Do NOT send an electronic version of the full manuscript without first obtaining prior approval.

Additional instructions will be given to the author for processing pictures only after a manuscript has been accepted for publication. 

8.  Please be sure to type the author's name, mailing address, phone number and email address in the top left hand corner of the title page.


If you wish confirmation from Patriot Media, Inc. that your sample submission was received, include a SASP (self-addressed, stamped postcard).

Submission Form:

1.      Be sure to include all information asked for.

2.      Include name, address, daytime telephone number and e-mail address.

3.      Indicate the word count and page count. 

4.      Include the title, author’s name and category/and or genre: fiction, true story, self-help, how-to, etc., on the title page.


Do NOT send your manuscript by certified, return receipt mail.  It will not be accepted.

Patriot Media Acquisitions Department
P.O. Box 5414
Niceville, Florida 32578 
Email: info@patriotmediainc.com